James Parkinson
I make podcasts.


I'm an audio producer in Melbourne, Australia with a passion for podcasts.


James Parkinson

I think I have always loved sound. From a young age I was fascinated with radio and captivated by the voices that seemed to magically emanate from it. I even used to record myself on cassette, pretending to broadcast my very own show. I had no idea how that interest would later manifest itself.

I also grew up with a strong passion for music and a deep appreciation for a carefully crafted album. But it was always the power of the human voice that captured my imagination, whether sung or spoken.

From 2008-2010 I completed a Diploma in Audio Engineering from SAE Institute in Melbourne where my love for all things audible only grew stronger. In 2012 I went on to study broadcasting at Melbourne Radio School.

While completing an internship at Omny Studio in 2014, working on content curation, I landed my first job in commercial radio as a producer and announcer. From 2016 to 2018 I worked as a Radio Assistant at the Australian Open. As part of the AO Radio team, I held both on-air and production roles. In 2019, I produced ‘The AO Show’ podcast for Tennis Australia.

These days, I still record myself in my bedroom. Except, instead of a cassette deck I have a microphone and a digital recorder. It's as though podcasts were my calling all along. Over the last eight years, much of my spare time has been dedicated to producing them. My first show was about Melbourne Victory Football Club, that was short-lived. My second show covered the entire A-League, which lasted three years, attracted a loyal following and culminated in interviewing the likes of Harry Kewell. 

Now, in addition to being a freelance producer, I make By Association, a narrative podcast about football.